Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Important to Be an Expert to Write Online Articles

The other day someone asked me if it was paramount that an individual be an expert in the field to write an online article on any given topic? Well, yes, I do have some comments on this, and seeing as I've written several articles in my life, I thought I might explain some things; first, most reporters who write articles in the news are not experts in everything they write about, but they work hard to understand before they bang out those keys on the keyboard and create the article.
Okay so, I don't actually believe that someone needs to be an expert in what they're writing about, however I can tell you that it's only fair to the reader of your online article that you do research on the topic, and/or know what you are talking about. Personally, I do a lot of research on each article I write, and I've done so much in my life it's pretty easy to write an article on quite a few different topics.
If a writer is serious about what they are writing, and does their due diligence to learn the subject matter, or happens to know it from previous experience, observation, education, or just plain flat doing their homework I believe that is to be adequate. I think what bothers me is when folks pay someone from another country $1-$2 to write an article for them, someone that doesn't even really speak English and has trouble with the languages and merely goes to Wikipedia and copies down the basics of whatever subject they're working on and writes the article.
Worse, someone in an emerging nation is probably taking half of the money and they pay their writers, perhaps 10 or 12 of them writing articles about things they don't know much about, and without the cultural perspective necessary to get it right.
Indeed, I also find it's very unfortunate when people give advice online, and use SEO strategies to get to the top of the search engine, and someone like me who spends the time to do it right and thus, knows what they're talking about has their articles, e-books, information, or real-world knowledge buried in the search engine. I don't find that to be funny, and it gets me rather upset at times. And I don't blame Google, and some of the other startup, but well-funded search engines who are trying to break into that market for trying to fix these problems.
Far too many people have put up websites with junk, and only for AdSense, trying to make trickle payments from people who click on ads. The Internet is the greatest communication device ever created in the history of mankind, but when people abuse it, and put up junk online, they are doing a disservice to everyone.
Sometimes I guess they think they are going to make money by doing this, and that makes it okay as long as they're making money, but it's not it's not okay - it's a disservice to the human race. And it is certainly not what the folks had in mind at Bell Labs when they started putting together the Internet with the ARPANET project. I'm not impressed, and I would say I'm as upset about it as Vincent Cerf, Larry page, and Tim Berners-Lee, etc.
As far as I'm concerned if you aren't giving valuable information to the Internet, or something that's worthy of being read, you're wasting everyone's time, including your own. Further if you are trying to pretend to be an expert in the field, and use informational marketing to attract people to buy your products and services online, don't you think you should know what you're talking about, I do. Think on it.