Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Best Promote Your Products Online

If you have products that you need to promote online, the first thing to do is to identify your target audience. Figure out what kind of people would be potential customers and what there interests are, like sports, fashion, art, politics, etc. Identify them in these ways: males or females, age group, single or married, geographical location, occupations, or education level. Now that you have an idea of your niche market, you can get busy promoting your products.
Facebook gets first mention because of its viral marketing potential. Sign up and make an interesting and informative profile page and include pictures to build interest in your business and your products. Then start making connections with past colleagues, associates, co-workers, business partners and new friends who could be new prospective customers.
You can start by browsing groups where you think your target audience congregates. Write a short message and include your web address in your signature. Build a fan page and when a person becomes a fan, then that information will go out to all their friends. Recently, Facebook began offering the Like Button social plug-in for you to put on your website. When people are on your site and they click "like" then your content, and a link, will be shared with all their friends via the News Feed. This is another way to get caught up in the viral aspect of social networking. Lastly, consider buying Facebook ads. They provide selective targeting and are extremely cost effective when compared to alternative advertising methods.
Blogs are great ways to promote products online. Create a blog at Blogger or WordPress, etc. Use good keywords in the title and submit your blogs to blog directories like Blog Explosion or Weblog. Then you can funnel your Facebook friends to your blog. Offer something of value for free on your blog, like an eBook or video in exchange for a name and email address. Always assure your contacts that you will not sell or share their email address.
A valuable tool for marketing is a newsletter that you might want to host with MailChimp or even 3DCart who has a built in Newsletter. These can include specials, new products, and events. Let people know how often they will receive a newsletter and keep an archive of old ones on your website. If you have a brick 'n mortar, make sure your store address is included in the newsletter. Also, put an opt-in form for the newsletter on your website.
Another way to promote products online is through videos. Make an interesting video about your product and include a link to your store. Have keywords and a description in the file name and syndicate to You Tube, Metacafe, Digg Videos, My Space, Go Fish, etc. Add the video to your store, websites, and blogs. When you have a few, add a video site map to your store and websites so that search engines can index your videos.
Lastly, LinkedIn is a great place to communicate with like minded people, contribute your expertise and knowledge with others, network and find potential partners and customers who are interested in your offering. LinkedIn provides many ways to connect with others. You can join a group, invite others to join your network, showcase your professional work experience and send/receive messages from others.