Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trash Can Be Your Treasure

Have you ever found some nice things that were still in excellent condition sitting on the curb for garbage? Well, in my case someone else's trash, has put money into my purse. Living in or going through a pretty nice neighborhood can be very beneficial, especially on garbage day. I have passed by something on the side of the road and asked myself, are they really going to throw that out?
The majority of people throwing out nice or excellent conditioned items, usually have lots of money and assets already. Their main goal is to keep up with the Kardashians. For instance, family A went and bought a 48 inch flat screen TV two months ago. They were talking to their neighbors (family B) when they found out that family B has a 52 inch flat screen with 3D. Now family A gets rid of the t.v that they have only had for two months, just to keep up with family B. Or plain and simple, they just don't want that particular item anymore and set it out for the trash. That's where I come along and take their trash and turn it into a gift or better yet, cash!
When you see something set out for trash that looks pleasing to the eye get it, test it, and research it. For example, I found an electric guitar sitting on the side of the road. I didn't own amps or any type of guitar equipment, but I did remember my neighbors had a rock band and they could help me out with information on the electric guitar. I recommend researching the item you have found, that way you educate yourself on what you have. Information such as original cost, year, make, model type, and compatible items can be very beneficial for you. When doing research online, I found that this is a very common electric guitar which was made in 2007 and originally cost $449.00. I didn't have any interest in guitar playing, so my neighbors (with the rock band) offered to buy it for $200.00 and it was sold!
Just recently someone had a box with PS2 games (20 of them), PS2 Game system, wireless controller, and 8 megaByte memory card on the side of the road for garbage. I couldn't tell whether it worked or whether everything was intact until I got it home. Good thing it worked because my 11-year-old nephew had a birthday right around the corner.
You never know what you may find sitting on the curb waiting for the garbage truck. Anything that you think that may have some value get it and do some light research on it. You may find out some very surprising news about that item.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Power Combination

To drive traffic to your website, you'll need to speak to your prospects and customers in a language they understand. This means finding and using keywords that your customers are looking for. It also means using keyword terms that few competitors have caught onto yet. This is really a pretty simple concept, like selling water in the desert. However, before you roll up your sleeves and haul your water jugs to the Sahara, you'll want to calculate the cost versus benefit of your proposition. You'll want to know how much money you stand to make by using any given keyword, and you'll want to factor in your time to market in taking advantage of this opportunity. I call this concept Keyword Economics, and it's not all that difficult to understand. It's even easier to put into practice. Here's what you need to do.
Begin With SEO:
Use Google's free keyword research tool to get good suggestions for keyword terms to use on your site. Check the number of monthly searches and compare this to the number of results found using the Google search engine. (As you check the number of results, make sure you put the term in quotation marks.)
When you divide the total number of Global Monthly Searches by the number of Search Results, that number can be expressed as a percentage. I call it my Blue Ocean Index or BOI. It shows you how much or how little competition there is for your chosen keyword. You want a result that's better than 30%. If your result is anywhere above 100%, then you've got a hungry market on your hands
BOI = Global Monthly Searches / Results
Let's say you get terribly lucky and identify a term with a 500% BOI. Even with that, you still may find yourself with very few customers in the marketplace. Just because a keyword term has a relatively high ratio of searches to results, or a high BOI, that doesn't necessarily equate to a large volume of sales. For example, if your chosen term has 10,000 searches a month and there are only 2,000 results on the whole of the Internet, you have a 500% BOI, but you may wind up with only 15 customers a month, even with an optimized website.
Keyword Economics: Calculating Your Return Per Keyword
How can you tell how much money a given term will bring you in hard dollars? The answer is easy. It's Keyword Economics. I've come up with a formula for analyzing your opportunity for any given keyword term. Here's what that looks like.
Keyword Economics makes a set of assumptions, and these are scalable. They'll work for any term you use. The assumptions, however, are a little grand - that is they involve work, and the work is up to you. Keyword Economics assumes the following:
A) You've done your homework, and you've identified keywords to use in your website domain, site content, social media, and/or any other marketing venues that are routinely crawled by the search engines.
B) You have managed to come up in position 2 or 3 on a Google search for your chosen keyword term. Coming up Number 1 is dicey to pull off - aspirational if you will, and hard to guarantee.
C) You have a click-through rate from the Search Engine Results Page of 15%. That means out of 100 people searching, 15 are clicking on your link.
D) You have a 1% conversion rate. Of the people who do click through, 1 in 100 are buying your product.
E) The average profit for each product you sell is about $20. This figure is completely arbitrary, but it's manageable enough that it works consistently with our formula.
When you blend all of these factors together and mix them up just right, you get a figure of 3%. Keyword Economics is always 3% of Global Monthly Searches when all of these 5 assumptions have been met. That means when you find a keyword term with 10,000 Global Monthly Searches, you can gauge that your opportunity for that term has a monthly Keyword Economics factor of $300. It's an educated guess, and it's a great place to start.
KE = Global Monthly Searches * 3%
The better job you do getting onto Page One of a Google Search, the more likely it is that you'll score. It all starts with activity. It all starts with you and what you do next with these formulas. The good news is, most people will not act on this powerful combination. Will you be one of them?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Considering a Working At Home Business and Becoming Part of a New Thriving Economy

If the last few years have been any indication of what is to come economically speaking then isn't it time to rethink the world of business and careers? Currently there is a "new economy" that has been emerging and thriving. In this "new economy" a business is started every 11 seconds and the average revenue for 28% of these businesses according to is between $100,000 to $500,000 annually! What is this new economy and who is taking part?
The good news is a lot of people! From college grads who can't find work, to those who can't afford an advanced education, and even people with a lot of experience who have been out of a job due to a slumping recovery. People all over the country and even the world have looking to the internet to begin creating their next business in the hopes of replacing lost income, have a life filled with choice, freedom and financial stability. Why are so many rushing to learn this new business model?
It's quite simple really. They can rely on themselves rather than an employer. Also, show me a business that you know of in this world that has access to 2 billion potential customers. Can you think of any business that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Name one business that is not hindered by its geographic location? And finally, can you fathom of a single business in this world where the owner doesn't have to be there to operate it? You probably guessed by now, there is no such business! At least not in the physical - bricks and mortar - type business. Read on.
The only business that would clearly fit the above description is a business that is created from your home and exists in cyber-space. Other advantages are minimal expenses, no overhead, no franchise fees, no -- fill in the blank. The revolution of the online working at home business man (or woman) has brought with it a promise of a new day for entrepreneurs. And these entrepreneurs have realized something. What do they know that you don't?
With minimal startup fees, proper training, great compensation plans, and products that are in need, anyone with a commitment and a some hard work can literally reinvent their lives. From vacationing at your own whim, more time with the family, complete freedom and choice as to where and when to work, and many other advantages, a working at home business is the salvation and solution to many of today's entrepreneurs and those who never even considered that they could be one. How do you find the right home business?
Finding the right home business can sometimes be a challenge, but if you understand what is needed to be successful then the pool of choices shrinks down to only a few. Where do people go wrong?
While many MLM or networking marketing companies promise high reward, the statistics are unfavorable in regards to success. Instead, the 'top-tier' direct sales companies have proven to have a significantly higher degree of success, trumping the pyramid structure. Some companies have already produced countless 6 and 7 figure earners with this structure in only a few short years.
To be involved in a working at home business it doesn't take rocket science. It takes a little ingenuity and mostly common sense. One should consider that any company that doesn't offer training, personal development, a fair compensation plan, or products that the market needs will be very difficult to get off the ground, but when the right ingredients are found together the lifestyle you deserve and want is truly possible.