Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trash Can Be Your Treasure

Have you ever found some nice things that were still in excellent condition sitting on the curb for garbage? Well, in my case someone else's trash, has put money into my purse. Living in or going through a pretty nice neighborhood can be very beneficial, especially on garbage day. I have passed by something on the side of the road and asked myself, are they really going to throw that out?
The majority of people throwing out nice or excellent conditioned items, usually have lots of money and assets already. Their main goal is to keep up with the Kardashians. For instance, family A went and bought a 48 inch flat screen TV two months ago. They were talking to their neighbors (family B) when they found out that family B has a 52 inch flat screen with 3D. Now family A gets rid of the t.v that they have only had for two months, just to keep up with family B. Or plain and simple, they just don't want that particular item anymore and set it out for the trash. That's where I come along and take their trash and turn it into a gift or better yet, cash!
When you see something set out for trash that looks pleasing to the eye get it, test it, and research it. For example, I found an electric guitar sitting on the side of the road. I didn't own amps or any type of guitar equipment, but I did remember my neighbors had a rock band and they could help me out with information on the electric guitar. I recommend researching the item you have found, that way you educate yourself on what you have. Information such as original cost, year, make, model type, and compatible items can be very beneficial for you. When doing research online, I found that this is a very common electric guitar which was made in 2007 and originally cost $449.00. I didn't have any interest in guitar playing, so my neighbors (with the rock band) offered to buy it for $200.00 and it was sold!
Just recently someone had a box with PS2 games (20 of them), PS2 Game system, wireless controller, and 8 megaByte memory card on the side of the road for garbage. I couldn't tell whether it worked or whether everything was intact until I got it home. Good thing it worked because my 11-year-old nephew had a birthday right around the corner.
You never know what you may find sitting on the curb waiting for the garbage truck. Anything that you think that may have some value get it and do some light research on it. You may find out some very surprising news about that item.